This 30 minute row is over before you know it due to the short intervals.
🚣BOTTOM Tier row on my Intensity Pyramid🚣‍♀️

Change every two minutes from 18/20/22/20/18 strokes per minute

➔Pace Guide = 2K + 20/18/15/18/20 x 3
➔Effort = 5-6/10
➔Speech = Heart rate will be up, breathing harder, but ok to speak

❗ This is back to Day 10 of the workouts, as I’m going to repeat some of the best ones as we draw to a close. Work on your technique, and the slight increase in push you need from your legs to increase your stroke rate and pace.❗

00:00 Introduction
02:50 Warmup
08:18 RowAlong Workout
39:11 Cooldown and time to…

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